6 Soviet Snipers in Afghanistan in 1979 to 1989

Soviet Snipers in Afghanistan in 1979 to 1989

Posted on November 19, 2015 by tim

Here is a collection of Soviet snipers in Afghanistan during the Soviet military presence there in 1979-1989. This first guy is a Soviet record holder – sergeant Vladimir Ilyin has shot a Mujahideen chief commander from a record distance of 1350 meter away from his sniper rifle. That’s over one kilometer away or over 4,449 feet! Inside are some more snipers!


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6 Responses to “Soviet Snipers in Afghanistan in 1979 to 1989”

  1. Kāzu foto says:

    Nice collection.

  2. Adriaan Maes says:

    It’s almost funny to see how history keeps on repeating itself in afganistan. First the sovjet fighting taliban, who on there side got fundings and weapons from the usa. Now the usa is fighting the taliban who get there funding and weapons from Pakistan. Guess who the taliban is going to fight with in about 10-15 years…

  3. Froggy says:

    Great photos of this amazing rifle !

  4. drucski says:

    Dragunov=a gun what I need :)

  5. Man says:

    I hope he killed a lot of those wahhabi head-cutting mercenaries.

  6. Slaven says:

    God bless Soviet soldiers for liberating Europe. If US didnt meddle today Afghanistan would be liveable country.

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