2 Factory of Russian Electronic Warfare Systems, Military Optics And More

Factory of Russian Electronic Warfare Systems, Military Optics And More

Posted on November 17, 2015 by team

It is not necessary anymore to fire to hit a missile or a shell targeted at you! Neither it is necessary to risk someone’s life to protect people or equipment on the frontline. Methods of defence have changed considerably!

We are going to join blogger kukmor and visit the Kazan factory of optical mechanics that has been operating since 1940 and once supplied optical devices to the Soviet army.


Nikolay Lipatov left the factory for a battlefield and covered the enemy gun with his body at Warsaw.

In total during the period of the war Kazan sent 700 000 binocs, 30 000 gun, mortar and tank sights and 1000 bomb sights to the front.

Generally the factory makes military equipment, but not exclusively…Some “civilian” optics are produced as well (to be applied in medicine, oil and food industries).

First we came to the assembly shop of electronic warfare systems “Moscow-1″, “Rtut-BM” (“Mercury-BM”).

“Rtut-BM” is mounted on a light armoured tracked chassis which is often used in Russia for building special systems.

The system is intended for protection of ground equipment in an area of 50 hectares. Deployed within 10 minutes! Two crew members.

“Rtut-BM” provokes suicide bombing of enemy missiles and shells before they reach their targets. It is also used to jam frequencies – suppress lines of ground-to-air radio connection, for example, to let aviation fly unnoticed.

It is not a combat machine and it does not have to be on the front line. The system can be controlled remotely with no crew inside.

Electronic warfare is improved more and more

They have some orders to fill for 2016.

Radio warfare system “Moscow-1″ based on KAMAZ, deployed within 45 minutes. This system is used to scan the air space, detect enemy equipment and contact air forces for further liquidation of enemy targets. “Moscow-1″ works in the mode of passive radiolocation.


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  1. Zoidberg says:

    Rychag is a jammer while patriot is a missile system.

  2. Russ says:

    Is that an Analog Devices IC? Plus some RF power devices?

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