3 Russian Tourists Luggage Returning from Egypt

Russian Tourists Luggage Returning from Egypt

Posted on November 17, 2015 by tim

Since the Russian plane tragically crashed over the Sinai peninsula in Egypt, all flights from Russia to Egypt were stopped and all the Russian tourists remaining in Egypt (and Egypt has been the most popular Russian travel destination for years) were urgently evacuated. However this evacuation was done very quickly and because the authorities had fears that the plane was brought down by a bomb in someone’s luggage, they ordered that all of the luggage must be left behind! So tens of thousands of people were transported without their bags and suitcases to reduce the risk of new explosions in mid air. But now with all that luggage arriving in Moscow and other airports they are said to be flooded with the bags. Let’s see a few pics.

This is now a normal scene in every room of Moscow airports. Luggage, luggage, luggage arriving from Egypt without any people.

More luggage.

And more.

People complain that all the airports look like that.

Some are afraid that there is still a risk of a bomb in one of those suitcases and it’s nice that they flew separately from people but now they are all placed in very crowded places in airports and can detonate at any time.

But those probably are just unfounded fears, so the luggage continues to arrive.

Hope you liked this little story!

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3 Responses to “Russian Tourists Luggage Returning from Egypt”

  1. Vijay says:

    If economy is not great and travel not safe, then now is the time for introvert celebrations, staycations.
    Some suggestions:
    1. Pray at home or locally
    2. Help local charities, those in need with those travel Rubles
    3. Get a eReader and start reading. Lots of free ebooks on the net starting at gutenberg.org
    4. Get into drawing, sketching. Share your art with others
    5. Music for those inclined into it.
    6. Learn, promote and assist others with staycations

    Get into arts and get creative, seek your inner soul. Then share the bright parts of your deepest soul with others locally who will appreciate this. If life gives lemons, then make lemonade.

  2. Llanero says:

    I think a see a bag of mine that was lost years ago flying to Orlando. Where can we claim these?

  3. Peter Nebelung says:

    Ummm guys, I am wondering if all that baggage could actually fit on one aircraft. I use to work at Pearson (YYZ) and humped a lot of cargo and baggage in my day. I suppose it has all been verified but still, a lot of volume.

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