8 Russian Guy Marries a Pizza

Russian Guy Marries a Pizza

Posted on November 16, 2015 by tim

This Russian guy from Tomsk city has married a pizza. He even managed to receive an official marriage certificate and held a ceremony.  Here is his story.

So one day a 22 year old from Tomsk decided to marry a pizza. Why? Because as he says “your love for a person is a temporary affection, however love for food is eternal and stays with you ’til your last day”.

“Pizza won’t cheat on you and won’t give you up. I love pizza sincerely”.

So he gathered his friends, dressed up a pizza box in a bridal gown and even drew a pair of cartoon tits on the pizza box.

Like this.

And then they got married and an official announced that they are husband and wife now.

Also a legal marriage certificate was officially presented to him.

It is a secret if he ate her (the pizza) on his first wedding night. Probably yes, what do you think?

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8 responses to “Russian Guy Marries a Pizza”

  1. Ondrej Virag says:

    I need to visit Tomsk

  2. anon says:

    What a load of shit.

  3. ttt123 says:

    …and really, yes – its not russion nation…

  4. Michael Scollo says:

    They wont even let me and my gay gay gay partner marry! Cunts!

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