2 On Top of the Pyramid

On Top of the Pyramid

Posted on November 15, 2015 by team

Russian blogger Sergey Dolya has had another interesting trip and came up with a new cool story. This time he tested his physical abilities in Spitsbergen, in a Soviet village named Pyramid, to be more exact. That village, in its turn, was named after a mountain whose top resembles a pyramid. Sergey joined a team of enthusiasts to climb the mountain and have a close look at its top. 

This is how the mountain looks from afar.

The top does look like a pyramid. The team of climbers has to overcome a long serpentine road and then climb its “stairs” – each is tall as 3,5 human heights.

These paths in the village hide communications.

Remains of the Soviet heritage.

150 m over the ground.

300 m…

On another side is a glacier.

It’s not the sky but the water of the fiord. Low clouds cover the opposite bank.

And we just go through the clouds and move on along the large boulders.

600 m above the foot of the mountain.

Someone indicated a bypass, however it’s nothing but an evil joke, as no bypass can be found in the shown direction, only a dead end and a precipice.

200 m higher.

The top seems to be close but the climbers have to overcome 1/3 of the entire trip (the hardest part).

Polar poppies.

800 meters.

Soviet graffiti on the rocks.

At the top of the mountain. Sergey left 40 meters unconquered to keep his cameras safe on the hardest part of the way.

Going down the climbers saw a huge concrete wall opposite the entry of the mine.

One of the mine entries.

Another one.

It is embed in concrete.

Everything that can be seen through the remaining opening.

Industrial artefacts.

The writings dated 1999 – the year when the mine was removed from operation.

Many thanks to Sergey Dolya for the pictures!


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  1. john says:

    Cool posting,and interesting, the top of the mountain looks man made.

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