2 On Top of the Pyramid

On Top of the Pyramid

Posted on November 15, 2015 by team

Russian blogger Sergey Dolya has had another interesting trip and came up with a new cool story. This time he tested his physical abilities in Spitsbergen, in a Soviet village named Pyramid, to be more exact. That village, in its turn, was named after a mountain whose top resembles a pyramid. Sergey joined a team of enthusiasts to climb the mountain and have a close look at its top. 

This is how the mountain looks from afar.

The top does look like a pyramid. The team of climbers has to overcome a long serpentine road and then climb its “stairs” – each is tall as 3,5 human heights.

These paths in the village hide communications.

Remains of the Soviet heritage.

150 m over the ground.

300 m…


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  1. john says:

    Cool posting,and interesting, the top of the mountain looks man made.

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