3 Exciting Journey to the Offshore Platform For Arctic Oil Production

Exciting Journey to the Offshore Platform For Arctic Oil Production

Posted on November 3, 2015 by team


In April an important event occured in the Russian Arctic – they dispatched the first arctic oil from the ice resistant platform “Prirazlomnaya”. This platform is the only one used for offshore oil production in the Russian Arctic. It represents a very complex system. Hundreds of highly professional people are occupied at “Prirazlomnaya” – from engineers who designed the platform to biologists who ensure the safety of the arctic nature the rig in the Pechora Sea.

Right now we are going to join blogger Sergey Dolya and see how this platform is arranged.


Our journey starts from Saint-Petersburg – 1700 km away from the oil rig. Visitors are briefed on how they need to evacuatre a helicopter if it falls into the sea.



The practical training is held this pool. Here they simulate different situations on the water. Everything is rather realistic and most people become more cautious once they go thru with the training.



These diving suits will help you stay in ice water for several hours. Everyone has a special device for breathing on their neck. But it is not easy to memorize how to use it properly.


If you think it is not so hard, just imagine yourself (simultaneously):

– in a helicopter that has fallen into the sea;
– hanging upside down on passenger seat belts;
– in complete darkness.


After the training we go to Arkhangelsk for medical tests and ensuring you have no alcohol in your blood which is strictly forbidden on the platform.


Arkhangelsk-Varandey is our next flight.


Varandey is a workers’ settlement for 180 people being used for delivery of personnel and loads for “Prirazlomnaya”.


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  1. Vijay says:

    Lots of good learning at this site. Thanks for sharing. Will pray for the safety of all the folks involved in work there.

  2. Dragi Jablanovic says:

    Though place to live at. Hope it pays off to the workers.

  3. Vijay says:

    Actually if the mob is looking for one, if one is schizoid, if one wishes to hide from very bad relationships etc., this is the ideal place to be in.

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