7 Mountains of Dagestan and 1000 Year Old Village

Mountains of Dagestan and 1000 Year Old Village

Posted on November 2, 2015 by tim

Most foreigners find it hard to give an answer if they are asked what Dagestan is or where it is located. In fact, Dagestan is not a separate country like Kazakhstan or Uzbekistan or Pakistan, but rather a part of Russia, although the southernmost part. It borders Azerbaijan and Georgia and has Chechnya as its closest neighbor in Russia. A big part of it consists of the Caucasian mountains and the word Dagestan itself means “country of mountains”. If one side of the region is mountains, the other side is the shore of the warm Caspian sea. Thanks to Russian blogger El Magico or Andrei G. who travelled there recently we can see some road pics of the place and get to know it better. Let’s see what he got!

So a big part of the region is mountains, and Andrei went to this rocky part of the region. He said that he saw trucks transporting stone all the way there. There is a huge, often semi legal stone harvesting industry.

Then he saw lots of grape vines. The farmers sell grapes on the roadside – one medium bucket of grapes is just $2.


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7 Responses to “Mountains of Dagestan and 1000 Year Old Village”

  1. L'hiver says:

    These posts are great, it’s like virtual tourism. I love the dry stone walls; building those is a real art form!

  2. Mark Moon says:

    Thank you Andrei! Great quality pics. Very interesting.

  3. Geoff says:

    Amazing, here in Australia no buildings are much more than 200yr old so to see a village over 1000yrs old is great. So clean too, people here look clean and healthy and the views are just superb

  4. Vijay says:

    Very nice pictures, very well done. Glad that such places still survive on the Globe. Will be interesting to know what the folks do for fun in such places. They must get quite bored, no wonder they love to talk to strangers. I recommend all to see this set, it is a must see. Gives viewer a very special experience as if in that place.

  5. john says:

    I enjoyed the photo’s and the stories.

  6. Mister Twister says:

    Page 33: a little known fact. Fair hair turn darker after living in a very sunny climate for many years.

  7. Nihat says:

    dagestan is homeland of my anchestors. sadly slavs removed them from dagestan and my anchstors find home from todays turkey almost 120 years ago.. shame on you tsar

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