10 Russian Combat Robot Platforma M

Russian Combat Robot Platforma M

Marines of the Russian Pacific Navy have got new helpers, the newest Russian combat robots called "Platforma-M".  It just arrived for the army and was initially presented in 2013. Think of it as a mini tank that can spy on your enemies, kill them
with the onboard machine gun or shoot grenades from its four grenade launching tubes and you get an idea of this machine. Thanks to the awesome blogger Youri who went to the Navy base and took these photos so we can see it too!

5 Ukrainian Resort is Ready for Christmas

Ukrainian Resort is Ready for Christmas

Some of the Ukrainian resorts report that they already have snow and now more and more look like they just came out of a fairy tale. They
have a very Christmasy feel, even now, in early October! Take a look, there's just a few photos but they are very atmospheric.

13 Russian Newest BUK-M2E Missile

Russian Newest BUK-M2E Missile

If you were following the story of flight MH-17 shot down over Ukraine last year then you probably recall that one of the theories was that someone from either of the conflicting parties there used a Russian made BUK motorized anti aircraft missile. Like, there is a report that a recent investigation has been conducted and small pieces and traces of a BUK missile were found both in the plane debris and the passenger bodies. Anyways, the answer is
still to be determined, but here is a BUK missile self propelled truck with the newest generation of those missiles. Previously there were BUK-M1 missiles, which might be used in Ukraine, and which are called SA-11 in Nato. However this one is the next generation of this setup, called BUK-M2E or SA-17 Grizzly by Nato. Thanks to the cool Russian army blogger Igor K. who visited the exhibition we can see it in detail:

13 Russian Abandoned Bio Warfare Factory

Russian Abandoned Bio Warfare Factory

Russian blogger Armahema, known to hide his identity and visit some awesome places, often highly guarded places, and leave them unnoticed with a bunch of photos, has again visited a cool place. During the USSR era, this was an active factory. Officially it was producing vitamins and antibiotics. However, it was a well known secret
that this factory was also able to produce anthrax spores, and in case the Cold War broke out into a "Hot" real war, the thing could start producing TONS of this highly poisonous substance in a day.  Previously it had been a top secret location but it is now abandoned and Armahema was able to get inside!

9 Russian Myasischev Jets

Russian Myasischev Jets

When you think about Russian military jets, you usually think about either SU or MiG planes. Those are the two most important and big "brands" of Russian and Soviet war planes. Those jets were widely used in the USSR, are very popular in modern day Russia and were also always sold abroad in large quantities. However, those two major jet labels are not the only ones. For example there are a few more jet aircraft engineering bureaus in the USSR.
Those jets are very rare, they were usually produced in very small quantities and just a few of the planes are left intact. So it was very lucky that Said, the photographer, went to an exposition where such rare jets are on display now. These are "Myasischev" planes, named after their chief engineer Vladimir Myasischev. They had a short name "M" and were dubbed M-50, M-18 etc., and we have a few of them inside:

7 Awesome Russian Southern Kamchatka

Awesome Russian Southern Kamchatka

One of the coolest Kamchatka explorers and bloggers, Lusika, has posted a new report from the area of her expertise - Southern
Kamchatka. A Russian Far East land of volcanoes and fogs and awesome untouched nature. Let's see what she has been up to!

1 Russia’s Big Hydro Power Plant in Kolyma

Russia’s Big Hydro Power Plant in Kolyma

Russian blogger Sergei has continued his journey through distant Siberian lands, home for gold diggers for over a century. Now he has visited the Kolyma hydroelectric power plant. It supplies over 95% of all electric power to the Magadan gold
industry. It was conceived in 1970, but because the then USSR collapsed and had problems with financing projects like this, it was finished only in 1994. Inside Sergei visits the station itself, gets to the dam, gets inside the plant, etc.

7 Straight From the Factory Russian SU-34 Yet More Photos from How Are They Being Built

Straight From the Factory Russian SU-34 Yet More Photos from How Are They Being Built

So with all those talk about Syria and the bombings done by the Russian air force, let's take a look how the most advanced and powerful jets are made. This photo report comes straight from the Novosibirsk SU-34 production line. These are the newest SU-34, which is called 4+ generation jet. The production started just a few years ago and
there are only 73 such birds in Russian Air Force now. Some of them are now doing their job in Syria. We've seen some photos from this facility already, however one of our favorite bloggers, Slava, has taken some more really awesome photos of the facilities and the planes. Let's see what the new SU-34 looks like:

5 Russian BMW and Lada Mash Up

Russian BMW and Lada Mash Up

So some guy in Russia has turned his old BMW 3-series
into... LADA 2106 car. Let's see how it looks like!

3 Man in Polotsk Belarus Builds a Tractor Himself

Man in Polotsk Belarus Builds a Tractor Himself

These days when ex Soviet countries fight the recession and decline of their national currencies the hardware and automotive products are extremely expensive. To get a new tractor for a farm for example would require years and years of their income. So this man from
Polotsk, Belarus decided to find a way himself. He found tons of different scrap metal things and old auto parts and crafted it all together into a tractor. Let's see what he got, thanks to his daughter, who brought some publicity to her father's gains:

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