4 Beauty of Kola Peninsula: The Geologists Pass

Beauty of Kola Peninsula: The Geologists Pass

Posted on October 30, 2015 by tim

Kola peninsula is a large peninsula in the northernmost part of Western Russia, next to the most northern part of Norway. It has a very harsh climate, and the summers are very short and not too warm, but it has really awesome nature which of course lacks vegetation but because of this looks very harsh and severe. Just look at those awesome photos taken by Russian photographer Vasili G. According to his statement one particular place there – called Geologist’s Pass is “a place everyone must see” so let’s do it! All pictures are clickable and can be seen fullscreen.

The dawns are tremendous there, too. For scale, you can see huge electric structures and multi storeyed buildings on the right.

Vasili slept in the tent and this is what he saw when he woke up.


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4 Responses to “Beauty of Kola Peninsula: The Geologists Pass”

  1. john says:

    Truly, a beautiful place.

  2. bob says:

    Does anyone know why many USA users of the RT news website are being blocked from the comments section ? I figure that it is some form of covert USA government censorship.The pro USA trolls seemed to be losing ground.
    I figure that this site may eventually suffer the same fate because it shows a lot of good things about Russia.

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