4 Russian Serbian Air Force Drill

Russian Serbian Air Force Drill

Posted on October 29, 2015 by tim

Recently there was a Russian – Serbian air force drill. Russian commanders say that the Serbs were real professionals and they enjoyed working with them. Both country’s pilots attacked on-ground and aerial targets, shot missiles, etc. Inside there is a whole set of photos demonstrating what Russians and Serbs did together:

Here is a MI-8 attacking ground targets with real life missiles.

The helicopters cruised at an altitude of 500m.

Here are the explosions – targets attacked.

After the drills pilots of both countries had many topics to discuss.

They were also giving interviews.

Then MIG-29s went to altitudes of between 500m and 5000m to avoid conflict with helicopters and at speeds up to 900 km/h.

Before going into the air the pilots trained on the ground with maps and airplane models.

Lined up one after another – like they planned to do in the air. It’s funny how they do this.

And then they went to board the jets. As you can see, the Serbian pilots are in green suits, Russians are in the light ones.

Before boarding a plane the pilots visually inspect them.

A Serbian pilot.

Another Serbian pilot inside the jet.

Ready to take off!

That’s one a nice jet!

Going to a take off now.

And taking off in pairs.

A Russian Colonel said the Serbian pilots are very well prepared and ready for the extremely complex piloting jobs.

And here go the Russian MI-8s. You can, by the way, click any time and see full screen images.


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4 Responses to “Russian Serbian Air Force Drill”

  1. Slobodan says:

    Russia and Serbia- one family!!!!

  2. john says:

    Excellent photo’s.

  3. Dragi Jablanovic says:

    MIG-29 is one great machine!

  4. Jim Philopena says:

    I am amazed at the age of pioltes in Russia and former Soviet countries. The average age of an American pilot is 30 or less. Just like in “Top Gun”.

    Not sure if that’s better or worse.

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