4 Ancient Wooden Churches of Karelia Land

Ancient Wooden Churches of Karelia Land

Posted on October 29, 2015 by tim

If you really want to see a lot of old Russian traditional wooden architecture, namely churches and chapels, then for sure you need to visit Karelia. This land borders Finland for over 1,000 km along its length on one side, and like Finland is called “Land of the Lakes” with over 90,000 small lakes. Since the early times people have lived here and built these beautiful, unique wooden churches. Let’s see inside, thanks to the Russian blogger Alexei, who took those awesome photos!

This wooden church is in Sheleiki village. It’s dated to 1783. The early snow is already there in early October.

Alexei says it’s very quiet there – your footsteps sound very loud. He walked right up to the church and he was able to look inside. It was empty.


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4 Responses to “Ancient Wooden Churches of Karelia Land”

  1. Yuri says:

    These buildings need to be saved. They have existed this long, it would be bad to let them rot away. If people would only buy these buildings and renovate them as a dacha. They would be saving a big part of history.

  2. john says:

    Great posting, such a beautiful place, and places.Amazing wood working. I wood like to see more pic’s.

  3. Jim says:

    These are Russian Orthodox Temples (churches to the western world) and are considered holy sites. A place where 100’s of worshipers over the centuries have received the sacraments of Orthodox Christianity. Some may even have cemeteries attached. They are not something to be sold to the highest bidder and turned into a vacation spot. I do however agree completely that these buildings of antiquity need to be preserved.Not just for the Orthodox Church but for all humanity.

  4. pechorin says:

    Similar structures can be found in Tomsk and Kiev! They have their own soul–it doesn’t matter what your religion, or if you are atheist. You must feel them!

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