12 Russia’s New Polar Military Base is Close to the Northern Pole

Russia’s New Polar Military Base is Close to the Northern Pole

Posted on October 28, 2015 by tim

This is the Frantz Joseph Islands Archipelago – polar islands, some of the most Northern and closest you can get to the North pole. For years the only inhabitants were Russian soldiers, and now a new modern and highly technological military base has been erected. Painted in the colors of the Russian flag, it makes this the closest a military base can get to the Northern pole. Let’s see what’s inside and how it was built, thanks to the Russian Ministry of Defense we can do it!

In the years following the collapse of the USSR, Russia has mainly abandoned its vast number of polar and distant military towns and bases. We post about them often. But with this new installation the Russian ministry of defense is claiming they have started a rebirth of the tradition of having a Russian military presence in the far and distant corners of the Earth.

The army arrived here last November when the base was almost complete and was staying in temporary houses while this big one, called “The Shamrock” was being built and completed. A power plant suppies it with heat, warm water and electricity.

During Soviet times there were military structures here, later partly abandoned. But no one has ever constructed something this huge here before!

This “Shamrock” will be the second huge military base of the Russian Army and Navy built on the Polar Arctic Islands. Another one “The Northern Clover” was built recently on Novosibirsk islands on the 75th Northern Parallel.

All communications, heat pipes and everything run over the surface of the ground because the islands mainly are glaciated and you can’t reach soil, but when it melts a bit all the pipes can be damaged if lying on the “ground”.

The “Shamrock” is a really huge thing for a polar station!

Its total area is over 14,000 square meters! Or over 140,000 sq ft.

The Russian Army is proud that the Shamrock is the only capital construction object built on the 80th Northern Parallel, close to the Northern Pole.

“It’s 97% ready now”, report the constructors.

This place would have enough resources for over 150 people to live comfortably and totally independent from continental support for more than 1,5 years. So even if everything gets destroyed on the “mainland” people here would still be able to survive for 16 month longer than anyone else. Maybe people on the ISS in space can out do them in this.


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12 Responses to “Russia’s New Polar Military Base is Close to the Northern Pole”

  1. Vijay says:

    Priceless experience to see these pictures.

  2. john says:

    That is something.

  3. Mister Twister says:

    I wonder what’s the point of a military base somewhere where no one will attack you.

    • bob says:

      You must not watch the news a lot.Or just the Western news? A lot of countries have been prowling around looking for resources lately,especially the U.S.A.

  4. A guy that loves to see Russia says:

    As much as i love to see picture about Russia’s people and other things, i don’t think i can stand it here anymore. you guys have so many beautiful pictures but the way u deliver it, it sucks. You used to be good but now to see like 10 pics i have to click 5 times?? it may take a lots more opinions like this for u guys to change but maybe there will not be enough guys left to tell you.

    • Adriaan Maes says:

      For just 2 dollar a year you don’t have to deal with the hassel of clicking a hundred times for 2 pictures. I had my doubts before also, but I spend more money on a vending machine on stuff I don’t really need than the 2 dollar for this site.

  5. asdasd says:

    A guy that loves to see Russia just pay for membership and you see all pictures in one page. Running page like this costs some money.

  6. Ladlani Ammar says:

    Nice !

  7. jack-the says:

    Do they rund Windows7 in a Russian military base? Page 12, bottom photo.

  8. Geoff says:

    That yellow on the walls would keep me awake, my god it is bright

  9. CamelXP says:

    Why do they have double beds in military base? To stay warm? ;)

  10. Taroman says:

    Would like to have seen the kitchen and dining room.
    Very impressive and well designed complex.

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