37 12 Awesome Things Soviet Union Gave to the People Ahead of Every Other Country in the World

12 Awesome Things Soviet Union Gave to the People Ahead of Every Other Country in the World

Posted on October 23, 2015 by tim

At the time the Soviet Union was established, its leaders made a lot of advancements over other powers in the world in terms of what rights and benefits they established for its people. Basically, some of the well known rights that are enjoyed by people in the West were an attempt by Western governments to counteract those of the USSR and to show kindness to their own people so that they didn’t want to start a revolution and overthrow the capitalists as they did in Russia. At least this is what some historians think. I’m pretty sure that you won’t know some of those, like every Soviet person had a right to receive an apartment for free from the state, and hundreds of thousands of people received them every year. So what were those other benefits the Soviet country was first in the world to give to its population?

From here on we will quote research conducted by a Russian historian. So here is his list of the benefits the Soviet Union was presenting to its own people and then to the people of the world – to an extent.

1. The Soviet Union was the first to introduce eight-hour work days. The first ever in the modern history of mankind.

2. Another major advancement was the right of every working person to have one month of free leave each year. In fact, in Russia now some categories of people enjoy even longer vacations each year. And yes, they get paid their normal salary for all this time that they spend away from their work.

3. People couldn’t be fired without the consent of the professional unions.

4. A State guarantee to ANY college graduate that they will get a job right after they get their diploma.

5. Also, any person in the USSR (and in modern Russia too, in fact) can go to a college or university of their choice for absolutely free (of course, if they can pass the entry exams or have good grades in their final year at high school). The Soviet country was the first in the world to offer this.

6. The Soviet Union was first to offer absolutely free pre-schools and kindergartens to all who needed them.

7. Soviet citizens were the first in the world to get professional medical help for free. Anytime. Anywhere. Absolutely free. Unlimited. No lines, no long waiting lists. Every city had tens of “poliklinikas” – places that any person can walk in and see a doctor of their choice, be diagnosed, x-ray scanned, get his teeth fixed, etc – all for free. Even now this system continues to work in Russia.

8. Every citizen of the Soviet Union could go to their manager and ask for a trip to a resort of their choice – either to the sea shore or to any other kind of resort, and they had the right to get this trip for free each year.

9. Every citizen of the USSR had a right to get a free apartment. Yes, absolutely free, no need to pay, gets put into your name forever, you own it, give to your kids later, etc. Of course, there were waiting lists, sometimes they were pretty long, but every month tens or even hundreds of thousands of people were receiving free apartments from the Soviet state. Thanks to this even now there are plenty of homeowners in Russia. This was the first ever anywhere in the world.

10. Every Soviet person could get free transportation from the place he lived to the place he worked . He could get bus vouchers, rail road tickets, etc. etc. First in the world.

11. Every new mom had a right to three years of maternity leave. She got paid for the first year in full, then received welfare for the next year, then she still had her job reserved for her to return at any time in the next three years.

12. Also any mother could receive free milk for her baby until he or she reached three years old. A whole network of “milk kitchens” was established where every parent could walk in and grab a bottle of prepared and sterile milk for their newborn. FOR FREE. Anytime.

Many of those benefits were unknown to Western people before WW2. After the war, some  started to adopt some similar practices in order to keep protests from the workers movements low.

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37 Responses to “12 Awesome Things Soviet Union Gave to the People Ahead of Every Other Country in the World”

  1. Martinus van Brederode says:

    Let me be the first to say that I really like the pictures. I wish they had subtitles, locations and dates. The last one – she must be the soviet version of Brigitte Bardot :)

    As far as the ‘things the USSR did before anyone else': I’m afraid this thread will turn into a troll fest :(

    • WowoW says:

      Since the huge troll a.k.a. ISIS which created by the american and the minion already get destroyed by Russia and Syria, the big chunk american tax payers fund now goes to internet troll

  2. Tshuhna says:

    Living in Soviet Union was stable and safe if you accepted communist party. Otherwise…

  3. Slaven says:

    CCCP was one of the largest and most important evolutions in history of human society. Gorbachev and Yeltsin will burn in Hell forever for sabotaging it. God bless CCCP.

  4. dd says:

    Looks like propaganda

    • Alex says:

      It’s not propaganda at all. I used to live in USSR and can confirm that all said in this post is true. My father got a free 3 bedroom apartment for our family. My family didn’t know what debt was. I finished school and University without paying a penny. Moreover, I was getting a scholarship, big enough to live with no trouble. Medicine was free, etc, etc… see above post. Compared to the nightmare of so-called capitalism I am surviving through now, the Soviet model was definitely a success for the majority of people. However, none of the systems is perfect.

  5. Alain says:

    I did not know the USSR was existing in the middle of the XIXth century ? Because 8-hour day is used since 1890 in New Zealand (albeit still not officially in the law). Plenty of countries started to enforce it much earlier than the USSR even started to exist…

  6. Alain says:

    I like the point 4 : A State guarantee to ANY college graduate that they will NOT get a job right after they get their diploma if they are not in line with the Communist Party (I know some people who had this kind of problem :) ).

  7. Alain says:

    Point 7 : this must be why the kleptocrats ruling the country are getting cured or give birth abroad…

  8. Alain says:

    If this was so nice, I wonder why the Russians did not keep Soviet ruling ? Oh, am I wrong ! They have it back, now (well – almost ! All the disadvantages and none of the advantages) :D

  9. Jon says:

    Propaganda? The Soviets were babes in arms compared to the west when it came to propaganda. Until that drunkard Yeltsin gave the state assets to the oligarchs, all coverage of the USSR on our TV consisted of military parades and babuskas sweeping Red Square. Within a few weeks they looked like us and had traffic jams. Our people are so propagandized few even noticed.

    One place in the world does socialism even better. That is the city of Mondragon in the north of Spain. Look it up. Oh well, I’ll give you a link. https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=mondragon

    It is socialism from the bottom up. It is my wish that someday the entire world will look like Mondragon.

    • Alain says:

      +1 Jon. Unfortunately it does not work all the time as it seems the cooperative met some difficulties lately. But, nevertheless, a great achievement and example to get inspired !

    • Lucas says:

      But there is a huge flaw in the way you think. Mondragon is not socialistic, but it is a economic-democracy. They dont believe in socialism. They even have 1:9 salary ratio in some cases. Almost any “feminine” country (like The Netherlands or the Nordic countries) is more socialistic that the Soviet Union was, not the mention the kleptocracy that Russia is today.

  10. ausGeoff says:

    The very first claim – that of the 8-hour day – is demonstrably wrong. Australia (where I live) enjoyed an 8-hour day around 50 years prior to Russia. In 1858 the Builder’s Union forced the adoption of the 8-hour day, and by 1879 it was widely accepted in other workplaces. In contrast, Russia did not get an 8-hour day until after the 1917 Revolution. Sorry to post actual facts, rather than favourable agitprop.

  11. Frank says:

    The workers paradise was a poisoned chalice. People were prepared to risk their life to escape. All these things “for free”, but no freedom.

  12. Lucas says:

    A nice article. However, I don’t see a signle source mentioned. How can you write a factual article if you don’t back up your facts?

    Also, I think the term “free” is misplaced. In Dutch there is a saying that goes: “Only the sun sets for free”, and that is also the case for this. The things mentioned in the article were not “free”, they were just paid for collectively. It is a different system, which on most occasions is better for people who have less to spend, but there is a huge chance that it still costed them money from extra taxes in some way. (Unless you can prove that these services were not paid from taxes but from other forms of state income, like from the income of selling ore to other countries, then they are in fact free.)

  13. Lee Lundberg says:

    Eight-hour work days first in Soviet Union? RUBBISH! United States had this in 1916 and Australia and New Zealand had it before that.
    Stop spreading lies!

  14. lo says:

    Maalmost everything is rubbish here, i follow ER since few years and enjoy it, but reading this article give a weird feeling. Writing FOR FREE in capital everywhere wont hide anything about the reality of the living conditions at the time.
    There was so much food FOR FREE…people didn’t even knew what to choose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOBFMMbUFI8UFI8&usg=AFQjCNF7dTx75ikPJVViUbBP8pr2CerJww

  15. lo says:

    Maybe you should remove your finger from you eye, almost everything is rubbish here, I follow ER since few years and usually enjoy it, but reading this article give a weird sad feeling. Writing FOR FREE in capital letters everywhere wont hide anything about the reality of living conditions at the time.
    There was so much food FOR FREE…people didn’t even knew what to choose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOBFMMbUFI8UFI8&usg=AFQjCNF7dTx75ikPJVViUbBP8pr2CerJww

  16. sasha says:

    You mention poverty and terror? USSR wasnt first but was very effiecent on it.

  17. jan says:

    This artcile contains 5% of typical comunist false promises, and 95% of lies.
    We, who live in eastern europe, and have travelled in USSR couple times, know, how it was then …

  18. Nergol says:

    First to offer free room in Siberia and job in penal coal mine to anyone who disagrees with Communist Party!

  19. Ben says:

    while western capitalist societies are unable to provide decent living standards to a growing number of people, All this while the 85 richest individuals own more than the poorer half of the worlds population which is 3.5 billion…not really an achievment.

  20. Ben says:

    do you delete unwanted comments?

  21. born in cccp says:

    If you take a russian teaching book it is full of “facts” what soviets did everything first. This is highly important to them. Soviet system is like “you work for free – you get things to sustain your life for free”. That means you wont die starving, but you are going to wait for 20-30 years for “free” apartment and 10 years for a car. And it doesnt mean you will get a new car. You cannot move freely unless you You will get a free education which will be provided by stagnant communist profesors making you to fall under the rules of the system. You will get a job in the factory for your lifetime without any carrier opportunities unless you join communist party and drink vodka with your superior. I mean, a lot of vodka. Because of this stagnant system (specialists were prepared for 50 years for the same job positions) resulted in the manufacturing of the same stuff without any improvement (e.g. the same model cars were manufactured for 30 years without any modifications). Only military hardware were updated because they were constantly hallucinating about corporate america, jews and masons exploiting their fellow countrymen and were prepared to go to war.

    • born in cccp says:

      To wait for a car means you have to wait only to be granted to BUY it or to find a real car you COULD BUY (demand highly exceeded supply these days) not that you get car for free.

    • Lee Lundberg says:

      Not much has changed judging by the articles here on English Russia. Many of them seem to be some stupid people trying to showcase how strong their military is. Do the dopey bastards think they look tough or something? Pathetic! Russia today is a laughing stock internationally.

  22. ho fo sho says:

    The USSR under Stalin was heaven on earth!!!!

  23. ho fo sho says:

    …and I thought we were going to be told that the soda dispenser was one of the great Soviet contributions to the world.

  24. Mister Twister says:

    Huge grains of pure rock salt aside, all of these were technically true.

  25. lortea says:

    Old joke says: In Soviet nursery lady shows children two pictures. Here you can see awful country called America, where people suffer under bad capitalist, are forced to work long and never have time for kids, never takes them to zoo, park or cinema. Here children you can see Soviet Union, where parents works in state factories, are paid good and given a lot time to spend with their children. They buy toys for kids, often taking kids to zoo and carousels, parks and cinema. 6-yers old Sacha stands up and enthusiastically announce: I want! I want to go to Soviet Union and live there! Other children shouting: We too!

  26. cristi says:

    Last picture has a panel ‘soviet Basarabia’. But Basarabia is Romania! Shame to soviet/russia, This is their legacy: military occupation and politrucs. No, thanks, no one other than russian fanatics cry for comunism times and russian militarism!

  27. Marie Lieb says:

    I think there is a misunderstanding of the definition of “rights” – what is listed here are “entitlements”. Getting a free apartment is not a right.

  28. Piotr says:

    Free ?
    And the money for everything come from… ?
    If you want to give someone something for free it means you need to take away it from someone other.
    So imio gtfo!

    • James says:

      The entire economy was under control of the government. All of it. The money came from the profits made by the economy. In fact a number of Soviet Bloc nations eliminated direct taxation completely.

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