0 Russian Soldiers Train to Fire Mortars

Russian Soldiers Train to Fire Mortars

Posted on October 19, 2015 by tim

Russian blogger Yaroslav  paid a visit to an army training facility where soldiers are being taught to use real life mortars. Basically it might seem to be easy task,  just pull a long cord and it shoots, however the full training program  takes over four month and soldiers fire them daily. Even while not yet at the range Yaroslav has heard distant booms from mortars. “Aren’t we late?” he asked his driver assigned by army “I hear them shooting already!”, asked the blogger – “They always fire them here, don’t worry”, said the soldier behind the wheel. Let’s see what he saw there!

At first of course he was instructed on safety being at the range. He couldn’t approach too closely or photograph secret stuff. Other than this he was fully free to do whatever he wanted.

After the shell has been planted into a mortar soldiers sit down and close their ears with hands and count to ten. If nothing happened they continue their routine.

Yaroslav tried to photo an actual shot , a shell coming out of mortar but all he got was just a smoke trace.

However he was able to shoot a lot of explosions where shells landed.

Soldiers told Yaroslav that modern battlefield is very different from what we used to see in Hollywood movies. “We never would let the enemy to come closer than one kilometer to us. That’s the rule. That’s why we use artillery, mortars etc. “So the conventional machine guns or assault rifles are the weapons of street mobs, not the army now”, said a captain.

After the exercises soldiers are graded for their job. They got “B”s. “There is no A’s in the army”, says Yaroslavl. Nobody is perfect.

Then soldiers showed Yaroslav how to plant a shell inside a mortar.

He is doing it very carefully as this is not a fake but a real shell with explosives inside.

The rules require shells to be carried with both hands pressed to your chest.

Officers are present on the range to control everything.

Yaroslav paid a visit to the main commanders.


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