2 Nostalgic Shots of Moscow from 1976

Nostalgic Shots of Moscow from 1976

Posted on October 19, 2015 by tim

Those photos are from Moscow back in  1976. People viewing these photos now say: “how nostalgic those are! I can feel the warmth and comforting feel they make in me”. Can you feel the same?

Hope you liked those!

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2 Responses to “Nostalgic Shots of Moscow from 1976”

  1. Bob in NJ says:

    The good old days of the cold war. When it was happening, we hated it, and now we reminisce about it. I would listen on my briefcase sized SW radio to Radio Moscow. They would talk about us imperialistic pigs, and five year plans. Things are better now as screwed up as they are.

    • Hugh says:

      Are you serious Bob?

      Did you ever actually hear Radio Moscow?

      The presenters NEVER used expressions such as “imperialist pigs” (not while I was listening at least – such a blatant attack would surely not have been allowed, as anti-Soviet media would have used it as rebuttal), although they did refer to the various plans. Note, I’m not suggesting the word ‘imperial’ might not have been used, just not with the second word though.

      Language like you suggest would have been forbidden by the propaganda officers, and the vast majority of Radio Moscow’s output was geared towards convincing listeners in the West that life in Soviet Russia was as free, easy, and as prosperous as that in the West, with the differences being ‘spun’, and presented in a way that intended to make them look simply like different views of the same subject.

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