12 Abandoned Finnish Bread Bakery in Vyborg

Abandoned Finnish Bread Bakery in Vyborg

Posted on October 19, 2015 by tim

This bakery was build in Vyborg in 1930. At times this was a Finland town. It was built as a most advanced factory for the time. You can see how large scale it was and how spooky it now staying completely abandoned in this posting.

It had 27 stores to deliver the bread to.

This factory was producing up to 55 tons of bread each day! Just imagine.


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12 Responses to “Abandoned Finnish Bread Bakery in Vyborg”

  1. Alper says:

    Give Vyborg back to Finland!

  2. Tee says:

    (old) Hi-tech factory but something that russian could not handle.

  3. Ketorin says:

    What a shame.

    (Gib back!)

  4. Martinus van Brederode says:

    Give Vyborg back to Sweden (to which it belong till 1710)!
    B/s, I know.

    Thanks for the pics.
    If not for the tall cylinders that are an indication of grain/wheat storage, this might have been a prison or some government office. Ominous.

  5. Lee Lundberg says:

    This would have been thriving when it belonged to Finland. Once the Russians got their hands on it, it turned in to crap. Like anything Russian.

  6. lortea says:

    On of the countless places destroyed by Russians/bolsheviks.

  7. Pom2Ter says:


  8. AlfonsoB says:

    The bakery was designed by a finnish architect Erkki Huttunen, famous for his functionalist style of the early 30’s. He only did a few dozen designs, but almost all of them still stand and are in nice shape as commies only raped this one. I have the privledge of visiting restaurants in 2 of his works every now and then..

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