1 Awesome Russian River Cruise Down Volga River this Fall

Awesome Russian River Cruise Down Volga River this Fall

Posted on October 19, 2015 by tim

In Russia there is one type of leisure that remains unchanged since 19th century. I am speaking about Russian river cruises. Especially the cruises down the Volga River, Russia’s most famous river. The routine activity of such cruises stays unchanged for years – you just board a ship, and then eat sleep repeat while it goes down the river and you can go off the boat to see the most famous Russian cities. Very popular among the foreigners and travelers too. So here, thanks to Russian blogger Russos we can see how it goes this September – when nature is already changing its colors before the winter and the air is often freezing especially in the mornings.

Russos says that those cruises are very slow pace ones. Maximum speed of the boat is 23 km/h or around 15 mph. So its a very relaxing adventure.  His cruise started in Northern river port of Moscow and he says that security measures are same as at the airport.

Russos took his flying camera with him so the first thing he photographed  was the ship from the air.

That was his room.

And this is the river port building.

Russian rivers are guarded by Navy too.

This is a Khimki bridge in Moscow.

When the cruise starts the captain comes to the guests and introduces all major players in his crew.

Dmitrovsk highway bridge.

This part of the river is called “Moscow Channel”.

Then the boat arrives at the first lock. There is a whole system of locks which compensate the uneven terrain level.

Passengers go out to see how the lock’s water level changes.


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    Very interesting photographs. May the people of Russia enjoy peace and prosperity.

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