9 Russian Myasischev Jets

Russian Myasischev Jets

Posted on October 12, 2015 by tim

When you think about Russian military jets, you usually think about either SU or MiG planes. Those are the two most important and big “brands” of Russian and Soviet war planes. Those jets were widely used in the USSR, are very popular in modern day Russia and were also always sold abroad in large quantities. However, those two major jet labels are not the only ones. For example there are a few more jet aircraft engineering bureaus in the USSR. Those jets are very rare, they were usually produced in very small quantities and just a few of the planes are left intact. So it was very lucky that Said, the photographer, went to an exposition where such rare jets are on display now. These are “Myasischev” planes, named after their chief engineer Vladimir Myasischev. They had a short name “M” and were dubbed M-50, M-18 etc., and we have a few of them inside:

The Myasischev company was producing both fighter jets and large strategic bomber planes like the one in the pic above.

They didn’t look like other Soviet planes and looked really cool.

Also they designed and worked on the small passenger jets like this “Aeroflot” Soviet airlines jet.

Here it is, pretty neat!

And here is another bomber jet. Again these planes are very rare and I am not sure much more than this were preserved at all. So big thanks to Said who made the effort and photographed them. So next time you are in a discussion with someone about builders of Russian jets you can mention that you’ve read about these rare planes, too.


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9 Responses to “Russian Myasischev Jets”

  1. ausGeoff says:

    Come on! I’m not prepared to click through FIVE pages to see 2 pics per page! Please change this annoying format and put all ten pics on 1 page.

  2. Alain says:

    Well, the “passenger small jet” is in fact the Myasischchev M-55 or M-17 (same project), a spy plane much akin the Lockheed U2.

    Other Myasischchev interesting projects (unfortunately not built, and therefore not shown here) are the M-20, M-5FP, Project 52, VS-90 or M-52A. Not the most beautiful Soviet warplanes, but interesting nevertheless…

  3. plazma says:

    Hey thats a Geophysica plane. Its not a transport plane or a Aeroflot plane – its coloured in aeroflot colors only. But its a high altitude research plane which was also designed to compete with the U-2 spy plane but was never used in that fashion. But great site and great pics as always!

  4. john says:

    Great posting, seeing these aircraft for the first time is just way to cool.I hope to see more .Thank you.

  5. David says:

    These are the jets that caused the ‘bomber gap’ scare in the US. Love their 50’s style

  6. Pom2Ter says:

    So a lot of them were prototypes or like 3 to 5 limited production jets then?

  7. Muzzlehatch says:

    The M-50 bomber was thought to be nuclear-powered at one time. I bought the kit in the picture when I was a kid: http://www.oldmodelkits.com/blog/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/aurora-128-98-rusnuke.JPG

  8. Danyel says:

    Is not a passenger plane !!!. I agree with Alain. it’s a M17 Stratosphera (NATO name:”Mystic A”) spy plane derived from “Chaika” project for intercept & destroy Spy balloons of USA . Chaika carried two AAM & two GSh-23 cannons in a dorsal turret. Look well !!, what is this “hunchback” on his back?.Later developed in the M55, this yes, a research plane devoted to investigating the ozono layer in Antarctica . Anyway, nice planes, I like . best regards!

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