2 Beauty of Russian Nature in Fall and Winter Months

Beauty of Russian Nature in Fall and Winter Months

Posted on October 8, 2015 by tim

Amazing colors! See it full screen!

Anton says that everything around was like an art masterpiece. Like an old jeweler worked all his life to create the works of arts, so beautiful were these landscapes.

He says his finger was hurting because he made so many photos (but published only the best!).

These views were worth the two day camping trip.

Ahead you can see Belukha Mountain, the highest point in the Altai mountains.

A mountain river. It has more water in summers and spring and less in winter and fall.

Anton says that this could be easily taken as a set for Elvish saga – the Golden Wood.

Thanks a lot to Anton for those awesome shots of nature. His website is below:


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  1. james calvert says:

    This looks like heaven

  2. Rob Norway says:

    Beautiful. I wish I had started the day I was borne to discover Russia, so many treasures.

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