2 Beauty of Russian Nature in Fall and Winter Months

Beauty of Russian Nature in Fall and Winter Months

Posted on October 8, 2015 by tim

Thanks to Russian photographer Anton we can see some new awesome shots from Russian region of Altai Mountains – one of the most untouched and nice looking places in Russia. Anton says that this place has fantastic beauty which brings people here just to see it. And because its already October its been snowing there for the past few days – you can see both seasons at once – very colorful autumn and already signs of whitish snowy winter. Worth looking!

Anton says that it snowed all night and it was very quite so that you could literally hear snowflakes landing around on the tent and trees. And then when they got out of their tent in the morning this is what they saw.

Because of snow you couldn’t see the magnificent mountains in the distance at first.

But soon it became less cloudy.. Real magic started to happen.

Anton says his heart started beating with joy when he finally could see all those cool views.

Click to see it full screen, or maybe you want to have it as a wallpaper?

Sometimes strong wind appeared and was ruining the photos for a while.

And then the Sun finally broke the cloudy barrier and started shining.

Awesome views!

Amazing colors! See it full screen!

Anton says that everything around was like an art masterpiece. Like an old jeweler worked all his life to create the works of arts, so beautiful were these landscapes.


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  1. james calvert says:

    This looks like heaven

  2. Rob Norway says:

    Beautiful. I wish I had started the day I was borne to discover Russia, so many treasures.

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