10 Russian Warships Firing Missiles on Syrian Targets

Russian Warships Firing Missiles on Syrian Targets

Posted on October 7, 2015 by tim


Today this video is viral in Russia. It was released by a ministry of defense and shows Russian war ships based in Caspian sea, near Russian coast firing on Syrian targets. It shows both warships firing and the trajectory of the missiles.

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10 responses to “Russian Warships Firing Missiles on Syrian Targets”

  1. Rabbi Goldstein says:

    ah yes, everything is going perfectly as planned

  2. Alper says:

    Preparations for WW III, just like the Nazi’s during the Spanish Civil war.

  3. Osip says:

    Crap missiles. Four landed in Iran.

  4. Llanero says:

    I wonder if those are the missiles that hit Iran.

    • Darkness99 says:

      Exactly, the CNN newsteam was right at the site, but unfortunately their camera batteries failed, so we have to rely on the word. And these nice mainstream payjournalist people just can’t lie.

  5. kabulchik says:

    The holy Russia striking back with impeccable precision that will shower those terrorists with death and destruction, and civilians with frankincense and myrrh. Like in Chechnya.

  6. Darkness99 says:

    The missiles had reached their target and inflicted a massive butthurt detonation worldwide. A true weapon of mass destruction)

  7. WowoW says:

    So may ISIS supporter

  8. julien says:

    vive la russie

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