3 Russia’s Newest Su-30SM Number 38 in an Air Show

Russia’s Newest Su-30SM Number 38 in an Air Show

Posted on October 6, 2015 by tim

Antonio went to another Russian airshow and made shots of the awesome newest SU-30SM jet with a number “38”. Though SU-30 jets are pretty old, dated back to 1990, they had numerous modifications and upgrades turning them into more modern planes. This “SM” index means most modern upgrade which they received only in 2014. Totally awesome new planes totally different from old 1990 stock model. See inside:

Here it prepares to take off.

To greet the viewers pilot opens the break flap for a few moments.


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3 Responses to “Russia’s Newest Su-30SM Number 38 in an Air Show”

  1. john says:

    I think its still the best looking fighter aircraft out there, very sleek.

  2. Peter Thompson says:

    These aircraft are nothing short of awesome …… the ultimate in design and performance. Is Sergey Bogdan flying this plane #38 ?

  3. Bob in NJ says:

    They are a beautiful aircraft, for sure.

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