1 Awesome Laser Show in Moscow

Awesome Laser Show in Moscow

Posted on October 6, 2015 by tim

A few days ago there was an awesome laser projection show on one of the Moscow city’s embankments. The show was projected right onto the building which is especially important right now – Russian Defense Ministry Building. The command center for all Syria bombings and also now a giant screen on which they projected different stories of Russian history.  Thanks to Russian blogger Dmitry we can see it all both on photos and on videos. This posts have them both. A few video clips to show it all in motion and large widescreen photos to present the view. Lets see inside:

Lots of people gathered to watch.

People were on the roofs, near the bridges, on the roads etc.

And then the show has begun!

At first people seemed to be not so interested.

The program consisted of six parts.

First part was about the army and was called “there is one profession…”.


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  1. tadek says:

    Take a look at Light Move Festival in Lodz . Poland.


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