4 Russian Newest KA-52K Helicopters

Russian Newest KA-52K Helicopters

Posted on October 5, 2015 by tim

Since they say they move KA-52s to Syria now, these are might be examples of the machines soon ISIS is going to see. Those are newest and most advanced KA-52s copters – KA-52 K Models. They are going to hit hard, and here is why – just take a detailed look on how cool are those. This is the FIRST PUBLIC appearance of those machines, and you are going to witness them first hand too as well:

Here is an old man, an important man – a creator and main engineer of KA-52. This man made them happen and look like this.

First time shown to public the new K-52K look really bad! Just see how cool it is with fully loaded missiles and barrels full of powerful ammo.


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4 Responses to “Russian Newest KA-52K Helicopters”

  1. john says:

    My favorite helicopter…..

  2. Brian Olson says:

    Awesome chopper. If it works as good as it looks, it should prove to be a formidable weapon.

  3. george morris says:

    Show one to OBAMA he will shit his nickers.

  4. mike says:

    russia like america should use their money in improve people quality of life instead of spending on those death machines

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