0 One Village Gym

One Village Gym

Posted on October 5, 2015 by tim

As the author of these photos put it – “boys in a village also enjoy doing sports, but not always they have a gym nearby or can afford it at all, so often they make gyms themselves from the things they have around. One of such gyms we visit now”. Pieces of electric poles, tires, scrap metal and 100 roubles ($1.5) from each person – this is what have been used to set up this gym. See inside:

One of them had a small truck. So they went and found a few of old electric poles being replaced with concrete ones recently. Then they went to a scrap metal site and explained the owner they want to build a gym, owner gave them a lot of metal and didn’t charge a penny.

Then used their money a dollar and a half from each, to buy some ropes and screws and started working.


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