1 Frozen Fountain in Magadan Russia

Frozen Fountain in Magadan Russia

Posted on October 5, 2015 by tim

In Russia there is a saying that “winter always happens unexpected”. It often implies, that even all people know that winter is pretty early and harsh still nobody is often ready. And here is a life demonstration of this rule – fountains in Magadan city Russia got frozen overnight thanks to “an unexpected arrival of winter”. A few more photos inside:

Just overnight temperature when from “pretty ok” – like +15C to -6C.

City administration took it as unexpected and has not bothered turning off water fountains.

However citizens seem to be pretty happy with this as many selfies surfaced with frozen fountains on backgrounds.

Thanks to Alexandr for the photos, pretty cool looking?


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  1. Lenin-McCarthy says:

    Nice background for wedding shots

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