3 Large Russian Aircraft Repair Factory in Staraya Russa

Large Russian Aircraft Repair Factory in Staraya Russa

Posted on October 1, 2015 by tim

Now while Russia is engaged in Syria the airplanes sooner or later would need to get repaired. So let’s take a look at an awesomely huge aircraft repair factory in the Staraya Russa town. Thanks to Marina who made those awesome photos (again!). This aircraft repair shop is the biggest in Russia and most successful after USSR collapse. It repairs all sorts of large aircraft, both civil and military. Let’s take a look:

There are over twenty aircraft on the site in different stages of repair. Most of them are made in 1985-1990s.

For example you can see an IL-76. It’s normal span of use is around forty years. So now the workers on the factory need to disassemble it totally to the smallest parts repair everything, repair all engines so that this plane can fly an extra twenty years.


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