1 Beauty of the Krasnoyarsk Egraki Hills

Beauty of the Krasnoyarsk Egraki Hills

Posted on October 1, 2015 by tim

Russian blogger Dmitry is traveling thru Siberia and shared with his readers a few photos of awesome the Egraki hills near Krasnoyarsk. Nature is really stunning there. Just a few shots but the views are awesome and can be opened full screen. He says you can get all this beauty just literally from the car window. But he also went deeper into the woods to make the best possible shots.

He says you can go up to the hill in the car and save a lot of time reaching the first of the hill tops.

Then you can wander around on foot too.

Here is a view from the road.

And this is anti-avalanche barrier which has been built longer and longer each year.


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  1. Antonio Spiteri says:

    Awesome views.
    Wish to be there.
    Thanks for the picture.

    Thnkx for the pictures.

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