5 When One Lada is not Enough

When One Lada is not Enough

Posted on September 30, 2015 by tim

When you like your LADA that much that it seems not enough to just drive one, then you build probably something like this. A LADA and then a piece of some more LADA to tow behind. Meet LADA + 1/2 LADA in a project of Russian designer Ramil. He got this LADA as a present from his Brother and decided to make something cool than just one LADA.

By the way, no mater that this LADA is over 35 year old (made back in 1979) it’s still pretty much of a beast.

Instead of the old LADA engine though he has put a motor from the newer LADA.

He wanted to recreate that Soviet look – so he uses that old school rack on top of the roof and carrying different old useless things Soviet people used to carry – old skis, some boxes etc.

But instead of old Soviet cars this has a cool addition. A half of another LADA attached to its back.

Don’t think its just a trailer for luggage, no! It has comfy passenger seats with a view:

Who won’t refuse to take a ride on such cool thing?


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5 Responses to “When One Lada is not Enough”

  1. KentDiego says:

    Great project. Looks good. Be nice to see some construction details too.

  2. Sonofmydad says:

    Impressive! A matching trailer can improve any car when more room is needed. Best regards (from U.S.A.) May this current hissing-contest end well for us all.

  3. Rob Normann says:

    Great idea and great work. I like it. A friend of mine once had a similar lada, 1300 motor if i remember right. Started always summer as winter and was cheap to own.
    Norway you could see a lot of ladas in the 70s and 80s but nowadays everything russian is veeery scary.

  4. Ron says:

    The yellow tint in the windows is different.

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