8 Russian SU-25SM Attack Bombers in Syria

Russian SU-25SM Attack Bombers in Syria

Posted on September 29, 2015 by tim

If you track the Middle East news recently, there is a lot of talk about Russian SU-25SM attack bombers spotted in Syria, both in satellite photos of foreign intelligence and also in the recent French video some French tourist took in Latakia, Syria. Here is bit more about it.


First of all if you didn’t see the photos circulating the networks here are some with captions.



And here is the French tourist’s video.

And now about the planes. Russian blogger and military export Igor K. writes that he recently was on an airbase near Moscow and had a chance to photograph the exact same modernized  bomber jets, the SU-25SMs – exactly same as spotted in Syria:

He says that those are armored SU-25SM planes, capable of subsonic speeds.


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8 Responses to “Russian SU-25SM Attack Bombers in Syria”

  1. nikoliy says:

    Su-25 is actually capable of supersonic speed. The problem is that it’s designed to operate at bellow 600 mph at sea level. When it does go supersonic the tail pitch controls stop working and the pilot has to use flaps/slats or break to get the plane to respond.

  2. Mack says:

    At least Russia as a great leader. Hey, can Putin run for President here in the USA?

  3. MarkB says:

    Correction to your post – those SU-25’s as far as I know, can go over supersonic speeds. The US A-10 is slow (400 knots or so max), but the SU-25s can go supersonic. Many thanks to Russia for helping Syria. I am in the USA and I am sick of what America has done.

  4. Jakub says:

    Su-24 under the tarp. Same as on the Video circulatinga

  5. flyer says:

    Hmm, youtu.be/fxOyC5JEmMU

  6. Alper says:

    Russian airforce will not be able to destroy Isis without ground troops.

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