9 Inside Russia’s Most Powerful Nuclear Power Plant

Inside Russia’s Most Powerful Nuclear Power Plant

Posted on September 29, 2015 by tim

Balakovo Russian Nuclear Power Plant is the most powerful and largest Russian nuclear plant. Over 30 Billion kW/h of electricity being produced here each year which is 1/5 of total Russian electric power output! However in the world it’s only the 51st largest. Anyway the place is magnificent and thanks to awesome Russian blogger Slava has visited it and made awesome photos:

This power plant is on the river Volga , near Saratov city.

There are four huge reactors in the plant.

If you fly by helicopter over the plant you can see its scale.

This is a reactor wall. It’s 1.5 meter thick (over 5 feet) and is made of concrete. It’s hermetically sealed and is designed to contain any explosion which might occur.

You can only reach the reactor by going over this bridge. You must  change clothes and get personal radiation meter. Just in case.

This door enters the reactor block. It first locks from one side and you enter a gateway to be cleared to enter into the second thick door.

This is main reactor hall. As you can see, it is in a  cylindrical  room. It’s so because of its protective purposes. It is in a huge cylindrical room and hanging over 30 meters above ground level.   a large and very thick concrete and steel capsule is placed inside of each reactor.


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9 Responses to “Inside Russia’s Most Powerful Nuclear Power Plant”

  1. A constant reader says:

    This multi page stuff is useless, I just go to the last page and then to the original source of the photos.

    • pets says:

      Thank You, so did i.
      Further more, original source says that walls are 1.2 meters thick, not 1.5
      Also, statement that:”…and is designed to contain any explosion which might occur.” cannot be more wrong.
      Tests that have been made to nuclear reactor containment buildings have been shown that, even your regular party balloon can stand more pressure.
      That is because of pressure per square area. Since buildings have enormous wall area, they cannot stand much pressure.
      But for general public, this statement gives a sense of security, so enough of that.
      Ignorance is bliss.

  2. Alex says:

    This statement in the article is wrong: “Over 30 Billion kW/h of electricity being produced here each year which is 1/5 of total Russian electric
    power output!”

    Actually it is 1/5 of all NPP generating capacity in Russia. And energy produced annually is 1000 times less then declared – 30 Milliards kW/h.

  3. Frank says:

    Most interesting pictures. Thank you.

  4. john says:

    Excellent posting.Great photo’s to.

  5. Frank says:

    @ Alex
    In America and I think in English in general, they do not use the “milliard” for them a 1000 million is a “billion”.
    But I also thought that the plant does not produce 1/5 of Russian electricity.
    The caption on pic 15: “Here all the steam generated in four different reactors join and funneled into one huge turbine” is also wrong (I think) I think it is meant to say “the steam from all 4 steam generators….”. I am absolutely certain that each reactor has its own turbine plant.

  6. Frank says:

    @ rostit
    a 1000 million. There are no billionaires in Europe, but there are a couple of milliardaires

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