2 Mining Gold in Russian Kolyma

Mining Gold in Russian Kolyma

Posted on September 29, 2015 by tim

Remember a recent posting where Sergey went to Kolyma and enjoyed beautiful views there? (If not you can see it here). So here is another report by this brilliant Russian blogger. While staying there – at Kolyma – which is famous in Russia for its large volume gold mining industries – he visited some gold producing sites and made a report on how gold is actually being mined now there. Sergey even found some gold himself! Interesting stuff.

Sergey says that modern mining of gold in Kolyma is pretty much automized. It’s being mainly done with “mobile factories”. However a few decades before it all was mined by hand with the help of Soviet prisoners.

Wherever Sergey travelled across Kolyma he saw dry rivers – this means that somewhere near some people blocked the stream for their gold mining operation.

This is a result, a dried out river.  Ore was taken river bottom,  checked for gold and abandoned in piles.

Here is a panoramic shoot of a current mining operation. The river stream is blocked. There is a car in the middle – it pans all the river bottom dirt. the tractors on the sides bring this dirt to it.

Here, the tractors moving river sands and dirt to the panning machine. It has a long hose that goes to another mobile machine. It sends gold thru this hose. By the way do you see green grass on a shore? This shows how deep the tractors and miners went here during this mining session.

Here is gold panning by machine  in process.

And this is another type of current gold mining operations – Sergey saw it in different place nearby. Instead of blocking water and digging into river bottom, here what they do is drown the place with much more water and put this large dredge in the middle.

It has a huge excavating conveyor belt which gets sand from river bottom.

And brings it up where it is panned by other machines.

Because this is far North and there is a permafrost just one meter deep from the ground – never melted ice – they first prepare this place with special “warm up” mechanisms. Those look like huge needles that go deep into the ground and warm it up with heat for as long as one year!


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  1. alexandre soraes nevs orsini says:

    yor father ya it his heaver forever and ever amem

  2. the gulag says:

    i like that: with the help of prisoners. just like saying to one: dude, what are doing saturday? came with me and we’ll mine for gold, if you wife doesn’t mind. then we’ll have some beer and a glass of vodka…

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