0 Day on the Russian Strategic Airbase DOMNA

Day on the Russian Strategic Airbase DOMNA

Posted on September 28, 2015 by tim

Thanks to awesome Russian blogger calling himself su_30m, we are able to see what is supposed to be top secret, especially back in Soviet era – day on the strategic Russian Far Eastern airbase Domna. It covers a 2000 km long area of Russian Far East and before it was practically impossible to see what they are up to. It was even more top secret before, because this airbase is equipped with the new Russian Sukhoi jets – the SU-30SM You would see the day-to-day routines of the pilots being on real alert and also you can appreciate beauty of sunset flights and various things about life there, the planes, the people. Log in to your English Russia account and see all pictures on ONE PAGE!

First fighter jets SU-30SM called generation 4++ jets, arrived to Domna airbase in late 2013. And in 2014 this airbase became fully equipped with those jets. The pilots and technicians have all completed education on how to use these planes on the ground and in the air.

Since November 2013 flights of SU-30SM started here in Domna.

SU-30SM are all purpose planes. They can fight targets both

..in air and on the ground. Now, one airbase which has SU-30SM can do all the tasks many had to do.

Flights here happen each day. Pilots get trained to be able to engage in real air fights.

Besides SU-30MS there are some SU-25 bombers.

You can see a SU-25 on background on this photo. They belong to “Mongoliad Squad” airbase which got its name during World War II. It was called Mongolian because the purchase of planes was funded by the Mongolian people.

However pilots say they are most excited because of the newest SU-30SMs. “We were trained in school at TU-134 passenger jets and when they later were sent to Domna they regretted it at first.   Domna is too far away and probably has some outdated planes. But when they arrived and saw newest and rarest yet SU-30Ms, they were really happy. “You can’t compare this jet with any else. It’s a computer-jet!” says one pilot.

Plane gets ready for the launch. It is a two seater – there can be two pilots or a pilot and a navigator.


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