3 Russian Cosmonauts Training Center

Russian Cosmonauts Training Center

Posted on September 23, 2015 by tim

Thanks to the Russian blogger Evgeny, we are now about to see an awesome place – a Russian center where cosmonauts were trained to go into space. Evgeny says he was completely baffled how our ancestors were designing and creating all of these complex things without computers, printers and the Internet. Inside this posting you will see some things that you have probably never seen or would not have a chance to see – a real copy of the Soviet Space Station MIR or a copy of the Russian modules of the ISS, you will learn what happens to a cosmonaut if he lands in America but has no American visa and much more cool stuff. Let’s see what’s inside!

At the entrance to this centre there is a huge Gagarin mosaic.

And right in the hallway you can see pieces of old space technology. Like this one which helped to orient spaceships in space. Evgeny says there are literary hundreds of different pieces of old hardware like this around.

The center is open for visitors now and you can have a tour.

A window of a space ship has special gauges on the sides so that a pilot could know exactly the position his ship is in.

This observatory teaches cosmonauts how to find the position of their ship just by looking at stars. Evgeny says that this was very much like the real thing – a very realistic feeling.

The thing on top of the space ship is a projector. The spaceship cabin is an exact copy of the real thing.

Here the show starts.

So that the cosmonauts could memorize all the constellations they are being showed to them as images from life, seeing them just like the ancients did. They say such a system increases memorization rate ten fold.


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3 Responses to “Russian Cosmonauts Training Center”

  1. john says:

    Great photo’s , and great posting.

  2. RB says:

    The story about the arrest is likely true because they always talk about how neil armstrong had to go through the same red tape when he landed back on earth.
    Funny but very true story, cheers from Canada

  3. Brian B says:

    Hello everyone. I know this is a old post but I really have to chime in..

    I really doubt the story of the ‘arrest’ was anything more than a joke taken out of context. Since December 3 1968 There has been a United Nations agreement on how space travelers & their crafts are to be treated if they land away from their home territory. The US has stated that in it’s interpenetration of this agreement astronauts are to be treated like fully accreditation diplomats.

    I would imagine Neil Armstrong’s comments were also taken out of context. As I have not heard anything similar from other American astronauts ( including Edwin Aldrin who was on the same trip ). Mr Armstrong did leave US territory but then went ‘nowhere’. Similar to a sailor who sails outside of US territorial water then back to port without visiting another nation. No passport or immigration control measures are required.

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