6 Inside of the Russian Great Kronshtadt Cathedral

Inside of the Russian Great Kronshtadt Cathedral

Posted on September 23, 2015 by tim

Nikolski Sobor or Nikolski Cathedral in Krondshtadt is the largest and latest Old Russian Navy Cathedral in Russia – largest in the set of cathedrals built by Old Tsar Russian Navy for sailors and officers. It’s always crowded as many people from all parts of Russia travel to St. Petersburg and often visit the cathedral thanks to the new road which has been built on a dam going around St. Petersburg on the Baltic Sea. Thanks to Yuri who visited it and tooks these awesome full screen photos.


This is the cathedral itself:


There are huge chandeliers hanging from the ceilings,which were probably used for supporting hundreds of lighting candles.

And here is its large dome.

The new murals were painted very recently, in 2011, because during Soviet times the cathedral was closed and many things were destroyed.


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6 Responses to “Inside of the Russian Great Kronshtadt Cathedral”

  1. Yuri says:

    Thanks Yuri for sharing your photos. This church is so beautiful and breath taking. How proud the people must be that restored this church.

  2. Nergol says:

    Russia *is* Orthodoxy. Russia without Orthodocy is nothing. Millions of Russians died in the Jewish lie of Bolshevism. Now that they are liberated, Russia will be great again. It will fulfill its destiny.

  3. Travel to Russia says:

    Awesome photos!!! Thanks

  4. Vijay says:

    Very nice Cathedral. I prefer Martus Ministry it is an online ministry at martusministry.org

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