5 An Abandoned Orbita

An Abandoned Orbita

Posted on September 22, 2015 by tim

Another installation remains abandoned in Chukotka – a Russian region close to Alaska – an abandoned complex called “Orbita” or “An Orbit”. It was pretty well preserved and locked for years but now it’s all totally open and anyone can walk in. Of course anyone is a pretty big word for the Chukotka region, so desolate and far away that even with all of the doors open, this place has probably not been visited at all. It takes a few days to get here from Moscow, changing planes a few times and then travelling by trucks or helicopters. A blogger who calls himself Zhzhitel went there and now we can see what’s going on there. Let’s see what’s inside!

This Orbita station is one of a few large satellite transmitters that were placed in the far Northern Russian territories to transmit all sorts of data – both entertainment like TV and telephones and all military intelligence and so on.

They were all uniformly built as round concrete structures. This is its main hall – it’s all round and was filled with electronics and transmitters.

The walls have Soviet Sci-Fi murals.

They are themselves pretty rare, and might be one of the only surviving Soviet pieces of art of this kind left intact in Russia.

This picture shows how the central transmitter – Ostankino TV tower in Moscow – sends signals to the distant Eskimo villages in Chukotka – 10,000 km away. It might be pretty handy to brighten up the moods of scientists working in this location and remind them what are they working on there, serving their society.

Probably in the distant future they wanted to send signals to other planets..

Here is a surviving piece of a log inside the structure. It looks like the last transmissions were recorded in 1996.

And then the team left the station to remain forever in the cold snows of Chukotka.


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