0 Soviet Cosmonautics Museum in Zhitomir

Soviet Cosmonautics Museum in Zhitomir

Posted on September 20, 2015 by tim

This is a small but rather interesting exposition in the Museum of Cosmonautics in Zhitomir, Ukraine. Basically, now Ukraine is a country without its own space program, so it’s a Museum of Soviet Cosmonautics rather than of just Ukrainian Cosmonautics (which is non-existent). Why then Zhitomir? Because it’s the birthplace of the “father of Soviet Russian cosmonautics” – Sergei Korolev, creator of the first Soviet rockets including the one which first took man into space. Thanks to the blogger Komariv we have a chance to see the exposition now!


In the first photo on top you can see the ascent module of geo-physical rocket P-5B.

Some models.

“Soyuz” and “Dnepr” Russian space rockets but basically those were just the army missiles R-7A and R-36M modified to suit cosmos exploration needs..


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