6 Bicycle trip thru Caucasian Mountains

Bicycle trip thru Caucasian Mountains

Posted on September 16, 2015 by tim

One Russian man has taken his bike and gone on a 500 km trip over the highest mountains of Russia. Climbing as high as 7,000 feet and meeting different people, different lifestyles and beautiful scenes of nature. Want to see what he saw? Welcome inside, because thanks to Ilya, that’s his name, we have a rare chance to see those rarely visited parts of Russia and ex-USSR.

So here is his route. As you can see it goes across a good part of the Caucassian mount range.

This is where they started, he was not alone but with his friends.

And on the second day of their trip they already could see Elbrus – the tallest Caucassian mountain and also the tallest peak in Europe.

He says the views were breathtaking.

On some high plateaus there was constant fog. “It was dangerous, you had to watch your step in order not to go down the hill”. Especially when they put their tents on the edge.

Look, this describes it perfectly!!

At night the views were no less than magical!

And there on this plateau they met their first herdsman. There saw plenty of them in the next weeks and all of them were very hospitable and cheerful.


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  1. TysonZA says:

    Stunning views, very much breathtaking

  2. ron says:

    Fairy-tale landscapes. Amazing!

  3. Bruce Carter says:

    What wonderful photos and a simply stunning trip.

  4. Richard Pike says:

    I used to visit this site a lot. Your current changes have made it unlikely I will be back. Good luck with getting money!

  5. mickey says:

    32 pages for 62 photos, sorry!!!

  6. tommo says:

    They are trying to torture people into subscribing but it’s probably just driving people away.

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