3 Russian Arms Expo 2015 Continued

Russian Arms Expo 2015 Continued

Posted on September 15, 2015 by tim

IIlya continues to explore the Russian arms 2015 expo in Nizhny Tagil and posts more photos of what is being offered for sale or is on display. Previously he posted tanks and other large scale armaments that were displayed and he has now moved on to indoor expositions. If you like such kinds of reports you might want to view this one too!

Saying at the outset, as Ilya liked the outer exposition of tanks and other big stuff, he disliked the things he saw inside. Like starting with this – a huge gallery of “expensive gifts” for “successful men”. Sometimes the topic for those gifts is really bogus, like you see a gold colored plate with the face of Stalin. We’ll show it a bit larger later.

Here, the large plate with Stalin.

Next to Stalin, who helped to destroy churches and Christianity in Russia, you can see religious items displayed for sale.

And this is what all these bogus items look like when they are placed in the office of some “important” person, like this photo which was taken in the office of ex-Ukrainian prosecutor general Pshonka.

Ilya was very surprised and asks why all this stuff is at an Arms expo??

That’s because it’s all being produced by Russian weapon factories, like this “Zlatoust Factory of Military Grade Steels”. So they sell these souvenirs in the same or maybe even in greater quantities than arms themselves.

So nowadays in Russia weapon factories are creating souvenirs in great numbers. Maybe they are very appealing for some African army officials coming to a military expo and then buying all this stuff to decorate their offices.


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