5 Russian Newest Jet T-50 or PAK FA

Russian Newest Jet T-50 or PAK FA

Posted on September 14, 2015 by tim

Photographers are keen to take the best shots possible of a rare T-50 and the not so rare SU-34s.

That’s still an SU-34.

High humidity makes this halo effect in the photo.


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5 Responses to “Russian Newest Jet T-50 or PAK FA”

  1. Alain says:

    Beautiful birds, yes, definitely !

    Efficient : that remains to be seen, given the high number of accidents in the past weeks and months, both in Russia and India…

  2. SGWW says:

    Su-34 is a bomber – like Su-24, nothing common with PAK-FA or Su-27

  3. john says:

    The Su 34 is a beautiful aircraft to look at.

  4. Zoidberg says:

    Nice, but it is the dawn of the big birds, now it is all drones. and the 14 ordered will make it horrensoudly expensive, compared to the F-35 with an estimated 3500 numbers. Event that bird is way to costly. You get 10 predator teams for the same money as one JSF.

  5. karolina says:

    It is true that the T-50 PAK FA is a beautiful bird. It was built to counter the US F-22, the US continuing their arms race to be “the” gendarme of the world! I looked forward to seeing their new PAK DA, their future stealth aircraft carrier of intercontinental ballistic missiles, replacing Tu-95 (end of life) and Tu-160 already in the 3rd generation.

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