9 Forgotten Town of Gudym

Forgotten Town of Gudym

Posted on September 11, 2015 by tim

Gudym is a lost town on Chukotka Russia. Chukotka is a peninsula close to Alaska, just 90 km across the Bering straight from the USA. There are not many points of interest on Chukotka, says Evgenij, the photographer, and many people come to Chukotka to see the abandoned Soviet town of Gudym. There are already multiple urban legends about the town and its vast underground buildings.  Russian people often get the feeling of loss of greatness of Soviet Times. Let’s see what Gudym is all about.

Gudym is an example of how cities would decay if left to go one on one with nature. First you arrive at the village of Slava which is 7 km away from Gudym, it is also abandoned. It was actually abandoned even before the army left Gudym.

This pillbox covers the entrance into the city.

There are also trenches.

And a command post.

Wooden buildings are skewed and stuck in swamps.

Signal rockets.

The view of Gudym from a nearby hill.

On the hill foot you can see bunkers which were used for storing nuclear projectiles.

Most of the buildings in Gudym are wooden. Surprisingly they have withstood the assaults of nature much better than the concrete or stone ones. However they can’t survive the fires which happen here from time to time thanks to careless tourists.


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  1. Mister Twister says:

    Actually, it is a little colder there than in Alaska thanks to various geographical reasons.

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    Well thats the last time i’ve visited this site, thanks for all the nice articles in the past

  6. Osip says:

    Why they fortify such a shithole place? Who would steal it?

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