9 Newest Russian Weapons in Action in Weapons Expo 2015

Newest Russian Weapons in Action in Weapons Expo 2015

Posted on September 10, 2015 by tim

Recently in Nizhny Tagil there was the Arms Expo 2015. The most advanced and the newest Russian weapons are taken there for display and to gain interest from foreign buyers who visit this expo each year, and this year is not an exception! This time it’s the tenth exhibition – more and more people attend each year – this year there were over 20,000 people visiting from all over the world. They sell everything here, from tanks to uniforms, from gas and fuels to first aid kits – anything you need to equip a modern army. Sixty five counties have sent their buyers to see the newest weapon products and make contracts. Let’s see what they saw, thanks to Ilya who went there and took the photos!

If you think it’s one of the newest, no, it was just brought as a “legendary” T-34.

A lot of new army trucks, like these URALs.

And of course a lot of tanks! Look at how they all are painted with “desert” camouflage – most of the buyers probably come from the “Southern” countries – from Arabia or northern Africa, etc.

In Russia they never use this kind of camouflage.  By the way, this is the main Russian combat tank, the T-90C.

A modernized T-72 tank!

A combat tank supporter called “Terminator”! They have Terminator-2 as well – for real!

Armata – the newest Russian tank. It was not possible to go too close to it as it was strictly guarded!

Along with the tanks, they were advertising computer games!

Self propelled canon “MSTA-C”.


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    There’s no business like the arms business.

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