1 International Army Orchestras March thru the Red Square

International Army Orchestras March thru the Red Square

Posted on September 10, 2015 by tim

Marina, one of the best everyday photographers in Russia that I have met so far, has come out again with a cool photo set of the Russian Army Orchestras festival on the Red Square taken at night. Be prepared to see a lot of trained musicians doing all sorts of crazy things in this post, including throwing their rifles in the air while playing music. You will be able to witness army orchestras in their original national uniform from plenty of countries, like Greece, Pakistan, Russia, Belarus, Belgium, Ireland and many more, even Mexico! Thanks goes to Marina!

All of this show was like a musical with a story. So at first the search lights started imitating the hard times of World War 2.

And then the enemy appeared, marching onto the Square!

But then the Russian army appeared and kicked them off the Square!

And they started throwing their rifles! Rifles with bayonets!

The purpose of this trick is to exchange rifles between two soldiers by throwing them in the air.

There was also some joyful Russian dancing!

You can say it’s an impossible move but it’s fine for them.

Some looked like they were drunk? No! It’s also a move – bending backwards like this and then stand up without using his hands!

Also this crazy move, dip and jump ahead, right on the stone surface of the Red Square.


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