1 Vintage Russian Memories Brought out of Photo Salons

Vintage Russian Memories Brought out of Photo Salons

Posted on September 8, 2015 by tim

Previously, when there was no Photoshop and travel was unrealistically expensive and slow, the only fun way to get a cool shot for a family album was to visit special photo salons which provided fake scenes of a richer life. They were either painted scenes with holes in them where you could poke your head out and wait for a shot, or sometimes more sophisticated photo manipulation techniques were used. Someone recently published a book with some of these of photos and we offer them here for your viewing pleasure:


Basically it all began before the Revolution and people in the photos were mostly the city citizens or even members of the rich class. They looked pretty ok in all this decor.


Another pic from pre-Revolution times. However after Lenin’s revolution struck the country, a new type of person arrived in the cities and the salons.

This one is still an “old era” photo. The new era begins below.

Here, the decorations stayed the same but a new type of people appeared as clientele of the old salons.

It all starts being a bit absurd.

However, over time new classes were formed in a new country and it became difficult to see much difference between the people. So just a few more photos from different ages connected with one topic – they all were made in old Russian photo salons.


A photographer in the process of taking a photo.


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  1. John says:

    I like the lady on page 5 from 1971 in the tropical style photo.
    She knows she’s not fooling anyone, she’s laughing about it.

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