10 Inside of Russian Space Shuttle Buran

Inside of Russian Space Shuttle Buran

Posted on September 8, 2015 by tim

Russian blogger Alexander has visited a Moscow exhibition where they, probably for the first time, allowed people to go inside a Soviet legend – the Russian space shuttle “Buran”. For this they took one of the surviving Buran shuttles – only a few were ever produced – and moved it to the Moscow exhibition. At first it was just staying there as a display of the scientific advancement of the Soviet era, but later they converted it to a museum in itself where it is possible to go inside the shuttle. Inside you can see a real Buran cockpit, and a retractable panoramic roof with a 3D scene of space made with huge computer LCD panels and much more!

Here is the entrance in the museum and what the Buran looks like. It look like it has just arrived at the airport and is ready to accept passengers for interplanetary travel. To the moon!

Near the shuttle they have these things. Can you guess what they are? Actually it’s just a kids playground that is artistically close to the space exploration topic of the exhibition itself.

Because it was the first day of the exhibition being opened they invited famous people of the city, including the test pilots who actually travelled on the Buran shuttle (with a red star medal)!

Young kids are getting autographs from Igor Volk – that’s his name – he was known to test fly many more advanced Soviet airplanes besides the Buran.

Once inside you can get a guided tour which lasts 45 minutes. At first they show you a movie about the history of the shuttle. Then you enter the cargo hold of the ship which has been converted into an interactive show.

You can see real blueprints of the shuttle before production, space pens and much more.

And when you enter the cockpit you will be shocked by what you see – a real BURAN dashboard combined with a 3D space simulation that makes you feel like you have really travelled into space.

Also nearby you can test yourself in a flight simulator that allows you to test your skills in landing a spaceship. It is a fully detailed simulation of a Buran landing at Baikonur spaceport in 1988.

To make the tour even more like a real space trip they open the roof suddenly during the guide talking and you find yourself flying on an Earth orbit. Immersion feeling is guaranteed – you can see the most famous spaceships fly around you, including American shuttles.

Real professionals from the space industry smile – the landing simulation is too easy for them!

Hope you liked this tour and many thanks to Alexander for these nice photos!


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10 Responses to “Inside of Russian Space Shuttle Buran”

  1. john says:

    Great posting, very cool display of center. And great to see one of the pilots.

  2. detective mittens says:

    Very cool

  3. TysonZA says:

    That is pretty cool, would love to see inside of the shuttle in person.

  4. phuzz says:

    That is the best kid’s playground I’ve seen!

  5. prjatu says:

    One Buran is on display at Technical museum in Speyer, Germany. And it is allowed to go inside

  6. Matjaz says:


    Does anybody know how that are both planes very similar. American and Russian. Well i prefer russian))


  7. George says:

    yes, very cool exibit
    Great job whoever got this set up.

  8. Claudio says:

    Este es uno de los tantos prototipos casi completos que sirvieron para diversos test. Al menos 3 mas se encuentran casi terminados en el Cosmodromo de Baikonur, pero el mas importante, el mismo Buran que realizo el primer vuelo orbital, quedo destruido junto con el lanzador Energia despues de que colapsara el techo del hangar y los mismos puentes gruas le cayeran encima. Me encanta la reconversion de este modelo para demostraciones publicas!. Se que el modelo con turborreactores se encuentra en Alemania con motivos de exhibicion, pero que ha sido del Baikal?, que fue lanzado desde avion para pruebas aerodinamicas mas complejas?. Saludos y gracias Staff de EnglishRussia por permitirnos aprender de todo lo que occidente no nos quiere contar!.

  9. Mike says:

    “Does anybody know how that are both planes very similar. American and Russian. Well i prefer Russian” Good for you! Can you guess who copied whom?

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