1 Elite Soviet Workers Went for an Area Clean Up

Elite Soviet Workers Went for an Area Clean Up

Posted on September 7, 2015 by tim

A series of photos of people cleaning up their work area during 1970. They are the workers of Inturist. If you have never heard about this organization let me tell you a bit about it. In the Soviet Union there existed thousands of goods and food items that were not available to normal Soviet people. However, there existed special companies who had access to these things. Those companies were either serving the Soviet elite OR were catering to foreigners visiting the USSR so that the latter could spend their precious currency on the items. These workers worked for one such organization – Inturist – the state operated company (like all other companies at time) which was dealing with all tourists who visited the USSR. So these people were some kind of elite at times and here they were forced to do the labor of normal men – cleaning up the area. Let’s see how it went!

Some of them were really awkwardly dressed for this activity – in coats, in hats, arriving in their expensive Volga cars.

What are they trying to do?


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