1 Soviet Ukraine in 1988

Soviet Ukraine in 1988

Posted on September 6, 2015 by tim

In 1988, two foreign photographers travelled to the USSR on the verge of “Perestroika” and their special topic of interest was Ukraine. So these are the photos they took of what was at the time a part of Soviet Russia, but which is now an independent country. Really colorful shots!

A villager’s wedding.

Girl selling something at a marketplace. What is this?

Donetsk. Coal miners.

 A factory in Donetsk.

Synagogue in Chernovtsy. 

Farm in Donetsk to produce food for the city.

Orthodox priests bless foods for the Easter holiday in Odessa.

Yalta city, Lenin’s portrait in a children’s chess club.

Lviv, view on the Russkaia street.

Donetsk. A coal miner gets his lungs checked.

Newly weds in Kiev.

Kiev, inside Vladimirski cathedral.

Another village wedding in Chereshenka (or “little cherry”) village.

Lviv, chessplayers in a park.

Donetsk, Victory day parade and the veterans of WW2.

Musicians at a village wedding in the Little Cherry village.

Pioneers in Donetsk.

Yalta, people at the beach on the Black Sea.

Local market place in the little town of Pereslav.

A  fourteenth century Polish castle in Eastern Lviv.

Another wedding.

“Glasnost” poster. Also an exhibition exposing Stalin’s crimes.

Khotin castle on Dnestr river.

Some more posters.

A football game.

New born babies.

Ticket sales for a “magic show”.

Villagers in the Carpathian mountains near Chernotsy.

Odessa, hair salon.

Odessa, a party!

Kiev, a WW2 Memorial

Kiev, the October Revolution square.

Odessa, Aleksander monastery.

Newlyweds drinking “Na Zdorovje!”.

Odessa, roadworks.

Odessa, on a railway station.

Chernovtsy, hair salon. Women drying their hair.

Kiev, famous Bessarabian market.


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