8 Russian SU Jets on MAKS 2015 Air Show

Russian SU Jets on MAKS 2015 Air Show

Posted on September 1, 2015 by tim

One of the best aeroplane photographers of Russia – Marina – has visited a Russian airshow, “MAKS 2015″, which took place this month in Russia and posted what she thinks to be the best photos of the Russian SU jets in action during the demonstration flights they performed. She took these photos over the course of ten days and here they are for your viewing pleasure. Big thanks goes to Marina!

Firstly, a series of SU-34 jets.

Now the SU-35’s in action.

The next generation of Russian jets – PAK-FA.


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8 Responses to “Russian SU Jets on MAKS 2015 Air Show”

  1. Zoidberg says:

    Great photos, what kind of equipment have been used cameras,lenses and setup

  2. Faith Gorodki says:

    Paging just went nuts. Nice job, well done!

  3. John says:

    Okay now that they’re all warmed up, Go kill Isis !!
    And other similar scumbags.

  4. Peter Thompson says:

    The Sukhoi jets are a beautiful aircraft ………. incredible performance.
    Can we see an article on the Sukhoi Test Pilot Sergey Bogdan please – he has to be the best of all.

  5. antoy says:

    First photo looks like a forbidden russian “gay propaganda” plane trying to poison and destroy true russian family values.

    • No Mame says:

      Probably you’re the only one who thought that kind of thing. Seems that transforming unrelated things into “gay propaganda” is always on your terrified mind. I wonder why…

  6. Guestt says:

    Nice pictures. I hope such planes are enough to defend “matushka Rossiya” when Chukchas together with North Korea try to take over Siberia…

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