2 Women Only Beach in Chechnya

Women Only Beach in Chechnya

A women only beach has been opened in Chechnya, Russia. In its capital city - Grozny, once devastated fully during 1990s and now rebuilt, the beach with a 1.82 meter tall (six feet) fence is for women only, mainly of Muslim
origin. In Chechnya the control for the women dress code is very strict, women don't risk going around with bare head or short skirt or even pants as there were occassions of them being beaten for this.  
2 a Lynx and a Cat Are best friends

a Lynx and a Cat Are best friends

A friendship between lynx and a regular cat was established in St. Petersburg zoo. You can see how affectionate they both are on this video. By the way it was a sort of experiment that the zoo was
conducting trying to see what they would get if they have a cat and a wild lynx in one space. For this reason they picked up a three colored cat so that it could sort of match three colored lynx fur.

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