3 The World Strongest Man at Age of Sixty Five

The World Strongest Man at Age of Sixty Five

Posted on August 25, 2015 by tim

Michael is sixty four but he is pretty much not your average old man. He is actually an active powerlifter who still participates in powerlifting contests. He easily can lift more than 300 kg in a deadlift. He holds a few world records and lives in Belarus, considers himself to be the strongest man of his age and his wife just gave a birth to his youngest kid! There are some more photos and words of wisdom from the man inside.

He goes to an average low-profile training gym. “Not the best one”, says Michael himself. “But iron is iron, you can pump it! You can build a palace gym but would fail to excercise there. It doesn’t matter how nice your gym is.”

He brought the mirrors to this gym himself from Germany where he served in the Soviet Army thirty years ago.

Some gear is hand made by the gym visitors and Michael himself. Like this 110 kilo thing to lift.

“Here are my awards”, says Michael. “I brought only international ones – like in 2013 I won a WPA Powerlifting and deadlift in the ‘veteran’ category.” The previous world record in this category was 245 kilo. He started with 250, then went immediately to 280! Then a young athlete came to challenge him and failed to raise 292, but Michael lifted 290 kilo.

When the journalist asked why he needed to do this in his mid sixties, Michael asked him: “Have you ever been standing on top of a podium, higher than everyone else?” That’s the feeling that makes him travel and participate in the contests.

“I never said I am the strongest man of my age, but I haven’t met anyone who can beat me! And I travelled a lot and I’ve seen a lot of athletes, but no, nobody is anywhere near.”

Michael says he started training at the age of 14. He got a metal rod from a scrap yard and put two metal car wheels on its ends. This was his first piece of equipment. Then for fun he started taking a railroad rail on his shoulders and adding more weights on it – 300 kilo in total – and walk around to entertain his peers and adults. 

Then he enrolled in the Soviet army and served there for 22 years.

Now he trains young children in this gym.

When Michael was 59 his second wife gave birth to his baby. So he is also a young father now.  “I feel like I am 35, I even check out girls!”, says the man.


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  1. john says:

    Good for him,keep on lifting,

  2. Muzzlehatch says:

    Putin saw this and he got inspired.

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